"Honeycombs" Visualization


“Honeycombs” Market is a bold design-project of the manufacturing company VDS. It presented a detailed sketch and 2D projection (plane and side view) of unusual stall, VAXR Technologies team made its 3D visualization.


  • well-developed textures
  • live colors and materials
  • verified color correction
  • high detail
  • combination with a real urban environment

The visualization underlines compact size and versatility of “honeycombs”.


On pictures with day and night lighting “honeycombs” like chameleon are well looked in the environment. In the evening its lighting creates a special atmosphere and looks stylish.

It’s worth noticing that “honeycombs” are looked well near business center in modern style as well as near buildings of classic architecture. The visualization showed it.

Google Maps

The basic for the visualization are real Moscow streets. If you open these places in Google map, they will look empty and not so interesting as in our pictures. You can always order a 3D visualization if you decide to divide the history of a street into before and after.


VDS Group

VDS is an international engineering and architecture services provider for oil companies and major cities.