LFM-S Machine VR presentation


VR of a LFM-S machine a visualization project for a new railway equipment model produced by the PTK Group. In addition to VR-visualization, a video presentation for the company’s marketing purposes has been made based on the resulting data.

The LFM-S is an excellent ground for creating a detailed original virtual model. The VR project runs on the Unreal Engine game engine and is compatible with HTC Vive Pro glasses.



  1. Visualize a LFM-S machine in VR
  2. Show in detail the machine’s working mechanisms


  1. A highly detailed virtual LFM-S machine
  2. Hangar with a test working area demonstrating the machine’s mechanisms’ and functions (gravel bank + railway tracks)


PTK Group

PTK Group — a diversified industrial engineering holding specializing in the production, repair and operation of railway equipment.