Lobby Interior VR


Lobby interior design VR-visualization is in its way a presentation for business-class residential property (the MOD house) located in the center of Minsk, Belarus. The architectural concept behind the lobby is stunning.

The residential block’s concept is perfect for a VR-visualization and surfaces a lot of advantages for the future owners.

Such a VR-tour helps the developer’s sales department to sell more property and to do it faster.



  1. To visualize the lobby interior in VR for the future property owners
  2. To create an lucrative VR-tour for the real estate developer’s sales department
  3. To develop an emotions analysis system that will collect and analyze customers’ emotional reactions during the VR-tour


  1. Lobby interior VR-visualisation
  2. A comprehensive marketing VR-presentation tour
  3. A custom-made integrated emotions analysis system


OKAS Group

The OKAS Group is an international group of companies providing comprehensive solutions for real estate developers: architecture, design, marketing and real estate sales.