Petrol station VR-presentation


Petrol station’s VR-tour is a technology-savvy presentation of a new design and architecture project for oil company. The architecture project was made by the leading engineering company in CIS ought to be the perfect base for the VR presentation. The presentation is aimed to show the design and comfort of the whole fueling network. A VR-tour includes VR-visualisation of fuel-filling columns, cafe, shop, infrastructure and has gamification elements.



  1. To visualize a new design of Petrol station in VR: interior, exterior & landscape
  2. To create a VR-presentation tour
  3. To develop optional designs of some elements in VR


  1. Landscape, exterior and interior VR-visualisation
  2. Detailed and dynamic VR-tour
  3. Gamification: the user can choose the design of key elements


VDS Group, LLC

VDS is an international engineering and architecture services provider for oil companies and major cities.