we deliver XR solutions


Virtual Reality

VR constructs a completely artificial world at visual, sound, and sometimes tactile level.

Oftentimes, VR is used in computer games, training, video industry, construction and industrial production.


Augmented Reality

AR places real-time virtual objects into real reality in real-time mode.

Oftentimes, AR is used in the gamedev industry, mobile apps development, medicine and automotive industry.


Mixed Reality

MR is similar to AR, but MR places virtual 3D objects into real reality, puting them to a certain point in space, regardless of the position of the observer.

MR is particularly useful in architecture, mobile games development, interactive entertainments development and virtual workspaces.



Visualization is a technique of creating photorealistic 3D objects and images.

Visualizations are used quite literally in all the spheres — from architecture and design to machine-tool construction. It also serves as the basis for creating VR, AR, MR and holograms.



Holography allows you to create three-dimensional visual objects in real space. A person does not need a telephone or special glasses to see a holographic object.

Holograms are widely used at exhibitions, presentations, conferences, for exibits’ demonstration in museums, training and start-up industry


Interactive Solutions

Interactive solutions are a combination of various visualization technologies for live contact with users.

Interactives can be used for presentation, training, engaging and other marketing purposes. For example, at exhibitions, in museums, in promotions, etc.

we apply XR technologies in many businesses

  • Virtual and augmented reality as a tool for real estate sales & marketing — VR tours of apartments, offices, buildings, even at the design stage
  • Holographic and VR-presentations of residential complexes, business and shopping centers, any buildings